Ambient Lighting for the Bathtub

25 Mar

Innovative Shower/Bath

The bathroom can be an oasis of sorts and a get away from all your troubles, if you design it accordingly. To achieve the relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, you have to take several elements of interior design and apply correctly. After these have been taken into consideration you are well on your way to designing your paradise.
The first thing you want to do is pick a tub for your already existing design layout. Perhaps you chose a neutral color palette that includes black and grey. This will help you since these will easily match other colors. Without color choices invading the decorating process, it will allow you to choose a bathtub for its style and design. Tubs now come in unusual shapes and unique designs that will meet a lot of different tastes. If you have an area where a tub can be added, think about the size of it and what kind of shape would be most flattering for the area. You should also think about the shape of the tub in terms of comfort and practicality.
An embedded, black oval shaped tub will be a good fit for those who want to have a clean and chic aesthetic. It will work especially well in a home that has a dark color scheme going as well. It may actually turn out looking a bit modern contemporary. Another way to design this area is by using a free standing tub and facing it towards windows. This way you can enjoy the view as you take a relaxing bath. It also helps to create a tranquil environment.
With the addition of the tub, the shower might get neglected. This is a necessary part of the bathroom because taking a bath everyday is a bit overindulgent and time consuming. For those days where you just don’t have enough time for a leisure bath, then think about applying a shower area. The shower can also be a stylish part of the bathroom. With the technology and innovative designs that are in the market, there really is no limit to the kind of design you might be looking for. A modern shower with a nice bathtub can be an inviting site. There are even options for you to merge the two with a shower tub that incorporates a shower head above the bathtub for convenience.
After the tub or shower has been set up, you must now illuminate the space in a flattering way to create the peaceful atmosphere that you are aiming for. Bathroom lighting is an integral part of creating the ambience of a space. This can include several different lighting fixtures above or near the tub. Layering the lights will also produce a softer glow, which will add to the feel of relaxation.
A drum shade chandelier can hang above the tub or you can install pendant lights near the tub area. It will create a nice lighting scheme. It will brighten up the space, without overpowering it with harsh lights. Adding wall sconces around the room in a balanced way will also produce a gentle glimmer that will set the mood of the place.
Bathroom should be a related with relaxing not just grooming. It is hard to think positively about a space that was meant for cleaning, but it does not have to be associated with that anymore. You can re-vamp and re-model your bath space into a haven and enjoy the perks that come with making a customized space.


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