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Vanity Lighting Fixtures

30 Apr

Is your bathroom mirror reflecting a washed out and unflattering image back at you? Well there may be several things wrong with this picture then. When you design a bathroom vanity area it is always a good idea to get the right kind of mirror, but it just might not be the mirror that is the problem. The lighting is a huge factor in the way that you look.
If you do not have an adequate light source illuminating the area, you may get some awkward results. This can make your daily cleansing and prepping activities into an awful chore. To avoid looking and feeling this way, you need to set up a complimentary lighting scheme. To do this you need to use several kinds of lighting fixtures, but the important thing is the placement of the lights.
In a vanity area, there will usually be a sink, mirror and corresponding lights. Although this is the norm, you can mix up the design, so that it has an aesthetically intriguing quality and functional purpose. The shape of your mirror does not have to be a generic square or rectangle. You can opt for a circular or even an odd, funky one. Whatever you decide to choose, remember to test it out first. You don’t want to purchase a mirror that has a funhouse quality; it will only distort the image and leave you feeling uncomfortable.
After you have chosen the mirror, it is now time to illuminate the area. Vanity lights come with many attachments in a variety of styles and designs. It ranges from one light vanity to four or more light vanities. The use of these depends on the size of the vanity area and how much lighting you actually need. Once you have established that you can have additional lights to create an ambient effect. This can be achieved by using wall sconces on either side of the mirror. By doing this you can eliminate awkward shadows that can be cast on the face. It will produce a balanced look and result in a nice warm glow.
The glowing shine from the wall sconces will help create a more relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, which is usually not related to the bathroom. If you place lights in a manner that will appeal to your mood, you can transform the space from one of cold practicality to a warm enjoyable space.


Make the Most of Space

08 Apr

Example of Small Bathroom Spaces

Having a small sized bathroom can be quite a pain in the neck, especially because this is the room where you cleanse yourself, and get ready for the day. If you wake up and go into a cramped space, it may affect your mood negatively. This could also dictate how you feel the rest of the day. Although not having enough space can be quite inconvenient, there are several things you can do to open up the space or make it seem like the area is bigger.
The first thing you can start off with is the color scheme. If you choose a solid neutral tone, it will fool the eye into thinking the space seems larger. This can also be accomplished by using various shades of neutral colors, but the white is the best color to make your bathroom feel larger.
Space can also be opened up with the placement and reflection of the lights. If you are able to add more than one layer of light, do so because it creates a nice layering effect which will produce a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. The reflection of the light off the mirror can also generate an illusory effect where the room seems to be larger than it really is. The lighting and mirror should be placed according to the amount of natural light that the space receives. If your bathroom doesn’t have any windows then it leaves you with one less thing to worry about when you are setting up the lighting scheme.
The bath tub or shower area is also another aspect that you can utilize to open up the space. Instead of using bath curtains, think about using a glass shower door, which will make the room seem larger. If you have a bathtub, then don’t add anything that will close off the space. It is better to leave it open.
There is also the option of using smaller fixtures in a cramped bathroom. A smaller shower, sink or even toilet can accomplish that. If you have an outside storage closet, there is really no need for a cabinet below the sink or cabinets inside the bathroom. Think about having a wall-attached sink without all the bulk that comes with it. It’ll free up the floor space and allow you more room to maneuver yourself.
Sometimes a bathroom might be limited horizontally, but it can have high ceilings, in which case you can utilize the vertical space. This will allow you to add different lighting fixtures, storage systems and even art work to create a spacious and stylish area. Another small idea to maximize surface area is to have recessed accessories like the toilet paper holder, areas to hold towels, or recessed shelves.
Other small changes like having your door swing out instead of into your bathroom could make the space seem bigger. It truly is a nuisance to have limited spacing, especially if this area is an important part of your day like the bathroom. If it generates negative feelings in the morning it can definitely affect your mood for the rest of the day, so think about maximizing and getting the most out of your bathroom by making some changes.


Innovative Bathrooms

23 Mar

Funky Bathroom Mirrors

The bathroom can be the most neglected in terms of design, but it is the most abused in terms of daily use. It is the space that many pay less attention to because it is associated with cleansing and grooming. It should be that this room needs more help than any other, but people overlook it because of the negative or “dirty” association. This biased opinion can, however, be altered by dramatically revamping the space into a unique and pleasurable experience.
The first thing you must do is to draw up a plan before any of the actual work takes place. This way you will have a clear picture of what you want, instead of winging it. How you plan to decorate and install the fixtures are left up to your discretion, but think everything thoroughly before you make an important decision. Start with something simple and basic, the wall. You can paint the wall or add wall paper, but having different wall treatments will drastically change and even improve the space. After you have established a color or pattern, you can then move on to the different bathroom fixtures like the vanity area or toilet.
The design of the vanity can be an interesting one. There are so many different items out there that range from funky to a totally impractical are piece that you will not have a problem finding something that will meet your individual needs. A bathroom mirror is an integral part of creating a good ambience because of its reflective properties. Make sure you choose the right one that will flatter you and the bathroom. These imaginative mirrors include different shapes and graphics that are on the mirror, some are touch screen, others have writing that scrolls across it and some have illusory effects. All of these can be a good addition to your not-so-ordinary bathroom.
Toilets are the epitome of dirty places and has the most stigma attached to it when it comes to mind. Most people will purchase the generic white porcelain toilet that is in most homes. Instead of following the herd, think about changing it up with a different color, shape or even material. There are so many awkward and fun designs that make the old stinker look like the new throne. Consider the following; there are new high tech versions of the old school toilet where flushing can be an interactive activity rather than a mundane habit. Toilet seat covers that have heaters and push button powered bidet are all different features. The design of the toilet can be a whole different story. From graphics to odd shapes, there are a plethora of stylish ones you can choose from.
Another aspect of the bathroom is the shower. This can be another fun or unique way to decorate your bathroom as well. If you are able to spare the space, a bathtub in addition to the shower is a great way of utilizing the bathroom to create a place of relaxation. Both the shower and bathtub can be highly functional and practical features; it can also be a stylish one as well. There are many different types of showers you can use nowadays, especially with the advancement of technology. Showers and bathtubs can be programmed with specific settings that match your preferences. With the different strength of the water or even colored lights to appeal to your mood, taking a shower or bath has become more of an experience rather than a task. They also come in a variety of designs and styles that can appeal to the technology savvy geek in you or the kid-like accoutrements that remind you of your childhood. It can be glass oval shaped with chrome metal shower head and fixture shower for a sleek modern design. On the other end of the spectrum, a shower stall with eye-catching graphics can also be utilized. Your bathroom space can have any sort of design that appeals to you, but remember not overdo the decorating because it can make your space feel cluttered and small.
The last part of the bathroom design and the most important are the lights. The lighting scheme can actually add to or detract from the overall make up of the space. Good lighting can do wonders for the most drabbest of places. Before you choose themed lighting fixtures, think about what kinds of lights you need and where you are going to place them. If you have a window, survey the area during the daytime to see how the natural light comes in. This will help you place some of the lights and determine what is necessary and what is not. Use the layering light effect to make an area that is warm and welcoming.
Depending on your theme and the amount of space you have, you should choose a ceiling light that will cover most of the area. This can either be a chandelier, pendant light or a close to ceiling light. Then, think about a vanity light that will be more specific to your mirror needs. These can also be well accented with wall lights, which will cast an even glow on your face rather than just shadows from the light above. Lights can also be added near the bathtub or shower. Directional lights can focus light in certain areas, which is extremely convenient in many ways.
After you have figured the lights out, you are ready to make the last finishing touches with the small details like towel racks, knobs, toilet paper holder and such. Although these are miniscule in comparison to the rest of the bathroom, stick it out to the end. The smallest detail can really set your bathroom apart from the rest and it is what makes it feel genuine. With the design and decorating done, you can now enjoy a customized bathroom.

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Bathroom Lights and Methods

11 Mar

Example of Bathroom Vanity Lights

There are different methods of lighting that you can utilize to decorate your home. The first step to beginning the process of design is to set up a plan. After you have established a plan, you can decide which lighting fixtures you need. This wholly depends on the size of the room and the other fixtures and furniture as well. You want to stick to a specific theme as well so you can have a coherent look to your home. After the necessary types of fixtures have been established, it is time to look at the styles. This aspect of decorating depends on individual preferences and taste. By following these simple steps to carrying out your lighting plan, you will have a practical yet beautiful layout.

Along with the different fixtures, there are different methods of lighting for specific purposes. Task lighting is one of them. Just as the name indicates, this type of lighting is for different tasks. In a bathroom setting, this would be useful for tasks such as shaving, applying make-up and other grooming duties.
Task lighting mechanisms are best placed above the vanity mirror, which is located near the sink. Lights can also be attached to either side of the mirror in the form of wall sconces. This type of lighting is actually more flattering because it emits light directly onto your face without casting awkward shadows.
Another useful feature to incorporate in the vanity light fixtures is halogen type lights. These lights will allow you to control the brightness of the light with a dimmer. This will have a glowing effect, which is much more flattering and energy efficient.
It is a good idea to use recessed lights above areas like the shower or toilet, but not in the vanity area. It casts too many shadows on your face, so thus it is best to go with other types of vanity fixtures for that area. If you do decide to use recessed lighting, a better alternative to that might be the close to ceiling lights. Since they are not embedded into the ceiling, there many different styles that you can choose from. It can be decorative and functional. These are extremely useful lighting mechanisms because they come in different shapes and sizes, which allow you to pick the amount of light emitting from it.
To further this area with useful items, try using a small vanity mirror in addition to the larger mirror. The shape and location of it will enhance what you see and the excess light will help you in specific grooming tasks.
Be careful not to place lights near the sink area or bath area where they might get wet, this could lead to some electrical issues later on. There are several methods and ideas to consider when you are lighting any area. The result of the design really depends on what you wanted and what purpose the area will serve. Don’t lose style to practicality though. There is room for both in any project.


Vanity Mirrors To Spruce Up Your Bathroom

04 Jan

When you are about to leave your home, the last thing you do before leaving is check your appearance in the bathroom mirror.  Decorating your bathroom can be an easy task if you already know what you have in mind.  A simple design to an elegant get away can be achieved just by adding a few more touches.  Vanity mirrors are used in most décor of the bathrooms and sometimes placed in the bedroom, but almost always over a sink or table.  They can be purchased from your local home improvement store and help add style and elegance to any bathroom.

In order to find the perfect vanity mirror, the first thing you would need are the measurements of where you are planning on installing the bathroom mirror.  Be sure to keep track of every measurement so that you can easily find the exact one to fit your needs.  Re-measure before writing down any measurements, there is no room for errors when trying to create the perfect mood in your bathroom.

Once the measurements are written down, it is time to choose your style.  Before leaving your home to visit your home improvement store, look around your bathroom and determine your style.  If your style is more contemporary furnishings and décor, then be sure to choose a vanity mirror that fits into that style.  Stay consistent with your themes, or the outcome of the project might not be exactly what you want.

Once you have the style and measurements, visit your local home improvement stores for quotes based on the size and type that you need.  Always measure the vanity mirrors before purchasing them, even though they might say one size on the label, your tape measure might not be the same one they used to get that size.  If you know the size of the space at home, then the measurements of the mirror at the store should match, regardless of what is on the box or labels.  Pick up the materials you will need to hang the mirror, if you do not already have them at home, such as the hammer and the picture hook.

Now that you have purchased your vanity mirror, or vanity mirrors depending on how many sinks are in your bathroom, it is time to return home to install them.  This will be a quick, easy, and painless process.  After the mirror is hung, step back and look at the finished project.  Be sure to note any touch ups that you may have to do, such as painting the molding to match the theme of the bathroom.

With the mirror in place, your do it yourself home improvement project is complete.  Take the necessary precautions when cleaning the mirror in day to day chores, the mirror itself might have a special cleaning product intentionally designed for that specific mirror.  The pride of having a completed project that matches your theme, is proportioned correctly, and was completed by you, will have you smiling for days into your own bathroom vanity mirror.

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Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

26 Aug

Grooming and different bathroom routines are not possible without the use of ‘vanity’ mirrors. Without it, applying makeup, shaving etc. can be a struggle; so proper choice in choosing mirrors is important to ensure proper execution of daily activities. Knowing what you want is different from what you need. And catering to your specific needs may mean sacrificing a want like an extravagant mirror with silver decorations. Your needs vary and so must your choice for bathroom mirrors.
Applying makeup is a balancing act on its own. Too much and you will look like a clown and swishing your make up brush can ruin the whole thing. Bathroom mirrors fixed with four directional lights will do the trick. Have your vanity wall mirror in the sufficient size and have installed four bulbs on the top and bottom and both sides of the mirror. This is to ensure that all sides of your face will be properly illuminated.
Hanging full body mirrors can be an option for you if you’re looking for quick look at your clothes before going to work or school. This must be placed directly adjacent to you to avoid distortion of depth and dimension. The least thing you would want to do is wear something that will look silly on you.
If you are looking for multifunctional bathroom vanity mirrors, then you might want to pick a traditional cabinet with a mirror attached. It doesn’t just serve your ‘vanity’ purposes but it also serves as storage for your medicines, hygiene items and instruments for your daily bathroom routines.


Mirror, Mirror on the Bathroom Wall

27 Jul

You might have preferred the Snow White story than the horror movies most Asians produce that has wall mirrors on it. Obviously, aside from making them movie props, wall mirrors play an important part on our lives. Of course no one wants to go to work or school looking so haggard and that person doesn’t even know he looked like that. And of course, in a house without a mirror, it would be devastating to ask someone how you look like without you knowing how you look like first.

Bathroom mirrors on the other hand are one of the most looked around feature by guests in a hotel room or customers in a restaurant. A woman won’t rely on her pocket mirror to look fully at herself but will have to look for a comfort room with a mirror in it. A man late for work and has a meeting thirty minutes later don’t want to look unprofessional and would also run to a bathroom, even if he owns a pocket mirror.

Bathroom wall vanity mirrors brighten a bathroom of any place. Lighted wall mirrors are good choices because they contain halogen lights that would illuminate the room appropriately. People using the mirrors would have a clear sight of their reflection. Women will see even the small details of smeared lipstick or uneven makeup on their face. Men can perform a successful clean shaving.

People walking in bathrooms with wall mirrors won’t certainly resist looking at themselves before the mirror, making mirrors very enchanting and almost mysterious.


Vanity Mirrors In The Bathroom

15 Jun

Certainly you would always want to install bathroom mirrors in your individual bathrooms. Or perhaps, put one in your bedroom or in the living room in order for you to make those last minute fixing before going anywhere. You have to admit it. You need mirrors in order for you to see yourself and your appearance on it.
Vanity mirrors are one of the most important fixtures you surely can have. It is through these wall mirrors that you can see yourself and observe your appearance from the perspective of an outsider.
For some of us, mirrors have been the most important asset one can have. This does not only mean that you can communicate with yourself through it, it will also give you an impression of yourself which is long lasting.
Most people just do not think about bathroom mirrors. For them, it seems to be that any other mirrors can be comfortable to them as well. This is one of the misconceptions. Wall mirrors can add beauty into your individual home, whether you are putting it in your bathroom or some where else.
For you to be able to make your vanity mirror works well, you have to decide the right contemporary vanity mirrors in order for you to make your home beautiful.


Selecting Decorative Mirrors

30 Oct

Decorative bathroom wall mirrors are a lovely feature to have in your home. Far from being purely functional, these wall mounted mirrors provide a way to enhance a room, reflecting light into dark spaces and making small rooms seem larger. The choice of lighted bathroom mirrors only as limited as your imagination, so it pays to shop around. You may want to opt for something more classical, or you may choose a mirror that doubles as a conversational piece for your room.

About Decorative bathroom mirrors

Decorative mirrors can really open up a room by reflecting light and creating the illusion of added space. In traditional homes, it has been common to see a decorative mirror hung over a mantelpiece or behind a wall table. Decorative mirrors will come in two styles, flat and beveled edge. Beveled edge mirrors can be hung as they are, or mounted in a frame. Typically, a flat edged mirror would be framed. The choice of frame is an individual one and if you opt for a custom framed mirror, you’ll find there a broad range of choices available.

How To Select a Vanity Mirror

Vanity mirrors serve a more practical purpose, however a decorative mirror may double as a vanity mirror. Fixed mirrors are one option if you have a busy family bathroom. If you have more space and what to create a more interesting and appealing bathroom, the choice of a decorative vanity mirror allows you to inject a little extra style into the choice of decor.
In every home, the use of decorative mirrors can really add that something extra. They are suitable for all rooms of the house and they can provide inspiration for ways to create more light and space in smaller rooms or rooms with dull bathroom lighting. There is a plentiful range of choices, so it pays to take the time to investigate what options are available and find a mirror that reflects your individual taste and decorating style.


How To Use Bathroom Mirrors To Enhance Lighting

20 Oct

Until the popularity of decorating the home rose as a result of DIY TV shows, bathroom wall mirrors were just considered to be necessary for people that had to make themselves beautiful every day. They were not a decorative element then, but times have changed and they are now one of the best ways to enhance the lighting in any bathroom. Read on to find out how.

Bathroom Mirrors And Lighting

So how do bathroom mirrors enhance the lighting in the room? Well, they effectively reflect the light back into the room so that there are fewer dark areas and shadows. This can make the room look bigger and can also serve a functional purpose in that the blanket light is more conducive to making sure that you look good!
There are numerous reasons as to why you should use wall and vanity mirrors to enhance lighting but they especially apply if you have a small bathroom. Any way that you can make your bathroom seem a little more spacious is worth the effort because it is a functional room but also one in which you should be able to relax in, preferably in a hot bath at the end of a long hard day!

Vanity Mirrors Vs Wall Mirrors

Lighted bathroom mirrors are perhaps the best bathroom mirrors to use to enhance lighting. Setting mirrors a little way off the wall casts a shadow behind it and thus enhances the illusion. Furthermore, the frames and cabinets can offer a decorative edge to the room.
Decorative wall mirrors, on the other hand, are more functional because they are attached to the wall and so will not be affected by the warping that steam often causes in vanity mirrors. They will reflect the light in much the same way but the flat mounting will not make the room look quite as large.
In summary, vanity mirrors, wall mirrors and other bathroom mirrors will all help to serve functional and decorative purposes in your bathroom, no matter how small or large it is. Although you probably need a mirror in your bathroom for practical reasons, there is no harm in using them for decorative purposes too!