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Making Sure to Set Up an Adequate Lighting Plan in Your Bathroom

16 Feb

Kichler Lighting Polygon Bath Vanity Light

Specific lighting layouts are created to get the most of a space. When lighting your bathroom, there are several things to take into consideration, if you want a functional bathing area. If you are planning to use contemporary lights, remember there is a lot you can accomplish by taking a step back and figuring out what you really want to achieve. This is why it is best to plan before you execute.

How much ambient light do you need to go about successfully fulfilling your bathroom routines? Do you read while you go about your toilet business? Do you have specific grooming rituals like shaving your head or trimming your goatee, for which you need specific lighting? How much light do you need for the application of your makeup? Do you have windows to utilize natural light along with artificial light? Are they accommodating enough that you don’t need to place too many lights? If you have any of these questions, then you need to create a lighting scheme before you purchase light fixtures.

The best thing to do first is to gauge the size of the bathroom and choose a primary light source that will be adequate enough to light the whole of the bathroom. After that has been chosen, you can then look for accenting lights to create a layered look. It will soften up the harshness of the bathroom and give it an ambient feel. The bathroom should be a relaxing atmosphere and if you utilize the lights well, it can be a space that makes you want to spend a lot of time in.

With multiple styles and a variety of themes, there are different styles and materials available for your bathroom needs. Keep things simple in design and lighting if your bathroom in smaller in size, but if you are so fortunate to have a large bathroom then go all out. Make a huge design statement, while having a functional space. Bathrooms are just as important as any room, because of the tasks that need to be fulfilled in that space. Grooming would be a much more enjoyable task if the environment in which you do so was more accommodating.

This is also the space that you see first in the morning and also the area where you get ready for the rest of the day. If you have a bathroom that is not appealing, it may affect your mood then and for the rest of the day. It is safe to say that a comfortable area will make your life a bit easier.

Just remember to do as much research as possible into lighting styles like modern vanity lighting or other such techniques before modeling your bathroom. Vanity lights are extremely important, especially because bathroom lighting is mostly accomplished in the vanity area. With a variety of styles and design in contemporary bathroom lights, the choice and options are almost endless and it is almost guaranteed that you will find something that will appeal to your personal preferences.


Vanity Light Fixtures

25 Aug

Doing your daily bathroom routines can be a little daunting without proper lighting that will help you accomplish all of them while avoiding injury. Washing your face every morning can be a difficult thing to do if you can’t see your face properly and you might suddenly bump your head on your mirror cabinet. It can be a pin if this happened more than enough that your head can endure: so appropriate measures should be taken when talking about bathroom vanity lighting.

Consider fist how much natural light you are getting into your bathroom form windows to evaluate how much more lighting you are going to need. Ceiling lights are a must in vanity lighting. It allows you to do your daily routines while lessening the risk of injury. Some choices are the elegant chandelier type light or pendant lights that come in different fun styles and heights. Task lighting can be skipped since you basically just need vanity lighting when facing the mirror in activities like shaving, applying or removing make up and the likes. Sconces can be installed on either sides of the mirror to provide ample task lighting. You can either choose single or double bulb fittings depending on your lighting needs. This can greatly supplement the ceiling lights to better illuminate your bathroom.

Strip lights can also be used for more intricate fluorescent vanity lighting like putting on contact lenses or trimming eyebrows or curling eyelashes. Vanity lighting comes in different styles to meet different purposes, just make sure you have at least one for general bathroom activities.


PLC Quadro Bath Vanity Lighting From Bathroom Lighting Outlet

08 Aug

PLC Lighting Quadro Vanity bathroom lighting is a modern type of light which aims to produce natural light with excellent architectural design. Creating a soft illumination with an artistic touch of a vanity light, this bathroom light has a mixture of frost glass and polished brass. Looking glamorous because of its style and ambient light effects, this looks like a three flowerpot in a row. Actually, this looks better if your home has a feminine design that matches the flower like shape of the light, and its size is enough to fit with its wall mounted character, so it will not be that disturbing like those vanity light that needs bigger space.


Add Glamour to Your Bathroom with Vanity Lights

26 Jul

Vanity lighting fixtures are not just ordinary lights that can be mounted or installed in every part of the house or any place. These are architecturally designed lights to make the space more elegant and classy. Aside from the light that these fixtures can provide, they make an attraction to end-user. Vanity lights are made of different designs and styles that will fit specific parts of the house. Some vanity lights can be situated in corner parts of the living room, hallway or bedroom. Vanity bathroom lights are mounted on the wall of the bathroom close to the mirror. Although bathrooms are usually bright, these fixtures make the bathroom brighter especially when used during the evenings.

The bathroom considered one of the most important rooms in the house because this where every member of the family practice hygiene and cleanliness. Aside from this, each member also spends time in it because keeping oneself clean does not take just a few minutes. Making the bathroom look more attractive is one way for the family to enjoy bathroom use. By installing vanity bathroom lights, the bathroom will truly look glamorous and desirable. It is not just an ordinary plain bathroom but something that can match with model bathrooms as seen in home-style magazines. You may even want to spend more time in the bathroom because of the cozy atmosphere that these lights create. Check on a variety of designs online through some websites and choose one that perfectly fits your bathroom wall.


Paradox Four Light Vanity Fixture from Minka Lavery Lighting

15 Jun

Stylish and functional are two key elements to consider when buying bathroom lighting. If you are looking for the perfect bathroom sconce lights, then you should take a look at Minka Lavery Lighting. These functional and attractive lights are a four light vanity fixture with a pleasing brushed nickel finish.
Strong, bright light is a must when selecting bathroom sconce lights. A bathroom needs to be well lit for the many tasks that take place in this busy room. From shaving to makeup application to bathing, the bathroom is a place where you need lights that are safe and strong, as well as providing a pleasing finish to the room. The Paradox vanity fixture from Minka Lavery Lighting is an attractive four light vanity fixture that is designed to be mounted on the wall of your bathroom. This light is perfect for placing over a vanity mirror and is a good size for the family bathroom.
The light fixtures brushed nickel gives a clean, modern finish to this classic bathroom sconce. Each of the four light covers is cup shaped, with an etched marble glass shade to complete the look. The Minka Lavery lighting four light vanity fixture holds four 13 watt globes, which are easily changed due to the shape of the glass lamps. The Minka Lavery Lighting is an energy star compliant fixture and is a great choice for any family bathroom.


Bathroom Vanity Lighting

03 May

When designing a house, many people usually take for granted the bathroom because this might be the least visited portion of the house especially by visitors. The risk is great in bathrooms without the proper vanity lighting because accidents like slips and falls happen most of the time. Vanity lights are very important in illuminating the head and the face for the purpose of grooming. Most people wrongly place a bulb on top of the mirror not realizing that this kind of vanity light fixtures can distort the grooming purpose because it cast shadows on the face. This way, grooming becomes difficult because you cannot see your facial features clearly. Bathroom vanity lighting is very helpful if they are placed beside the mirror and not on top of it. This position will surely cast light evenly across the face.

On the other hand, the shower should also have enough lighting sources. One can choose to install vanity wall lights fixtures particularly on showers with clear glass doors. These will be very helpful in bathing while providing the fashion tang you preferred. You can also have some recessed light fixtures in glass lens that work well with the toilet and the tub.


Bathroom Lighting

29 Apr

As more and more people enjoy the benefits of “staycations” – vacations spent staying at home – find cost-efficient ways to make home more luxurious has included updating the bathroom lighting, particularly around the tub to make it more like a spa retreat any day of the week. Homeowners have shown a willingness to invest in upgrading fixtures and refitting showers and tubs with a more sleek and modern look. The next step was to change the lighting to make it brighter over the shower, softer over the tub and less harsh around the mirror, and doing so with more decorative fixtures.

When designing an overall plan for bathroom lighting, designers agree that the place to start is the mirror because this is where light is needed most for everyday activities like shaving and make up application. Overhead lights can be too harsh, too far away, and worse, create shadows. Ideally, the light sources should be mounted on the wall by the mirror, with some light at the top and also along the sides for balance and overall illumination. The light should be bright but not harsh and provide realistic color to the area, especially if it’s being used to apply makeup.

A well-illuminated shower makes it more energizing and a safer space for soapy hands to handle razors. The best option for a shower stall is one or two centered recessed lights or plastic flush-mounted unit, with dimmers for light control. Recessed, dimmable lights are perfect bathroom lighting above the tub, too, or you can create a more unique space with a pendant light or even a chandelier. The bathroom “reading area” should have its own light source as well. Depending on the size and décor of the bathroom, consider accenting a section of the tile or even artwork with track lighting.

When choosing bulbs and light sources for your bathroom lighting fixture, keep in mind that skin tones are most accurately seen under crisp white lights. For best results, do not use any bulb higher than 40 watts in strip light fixtures with exposed (uncovered) bulbs. In fixtures where the bulbs are covered with clear or diffused glass use nothing higher than 75 watts. This is not about safety or power usage as much as it is accurate illumination. Halogen bulbs have been the traditional choice for bathroom lights but compact fluorescent bulbs work well and are more affordable and long lasting.


Choosing the right Bathroom Lighting Fixture

30 Oct

Most mornings, the bathroom is one of the busiest corners of the average household with family members vying for space to prepare for the day. For those lucky to have a few moments to relax, the bathroom also becomes a haven in which to spend some quiet time in a warm tub or under a hot shower. Selecting the best bathroom lighting for the room means accommodating these two different functions, so it is worth taking the time to bathroom fixtures that are functional in both these capacities.

Things To Consider When Selecting Bath Vanity Lights

If you’re lucky enough to have a few moments of time to yourself, then a long soak in a hot bath is an everyday luxury that can leave you feeling rejuvenated. If you want to get the most out of this time, then selecting ambient bathroom lighting fixture can help add to the relaxation you get from the experience. If those precious moments of relaxation come after bathing babies or young children, then you need to consider that you also require good lighting for their bath time. Choosing bath light fixtures on dimmers is one good option for managing this, helping make your bathroom both pleasant and functional.

Practical vanity lights

One of the most important considerations when choosing vanity lighting is to ensure that your selection will be safe within the room. Bathrooms (especially those that the kids regularly use) by their very nature have water splashing around. Always make sure that you consider safety as well as style when choosing bathroom wall sconces and you will keep the whole family safe. Vanity lighting that provides strong lighting is the most practical, as it provides the brightness needed as you prepare for the day with activities such as shaving and applying makeup.

Vanity bathroom lights are often highly reflective, tiles, enamel surfaces and vanity mirrors bounce light around the room. Choosing bathroom lighting that shows these surfaces off at their best will make your bathroom more appealing and inviting, both for your family and for visitors in your home.